WWE 2K14 Xbox Avatar wrestler outfits out now – images, prices

Dress your virtual person as your favourite wrestler, available to download now

Matt Cundy

So Macho

A selection of WWE 2K14 Xbox Avatar items are available to purchase and download now from Xbox Live. There are nine different wrestler outfits to choose from, as well as Kane’s mask, and if your virtual person likes to arrive with a bang the Undertaker’s entrance is just the ticket. Unfortunately, the outfits are for Male Avatars only, except The Rock’s costume, which is available for both Male and Female.

Here are all the WWE 2K14 Avatar items currently available:

  • Damien Sandow Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69
  • Fandango Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69
  • Hollywood Hogan Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69

L-R: Damien Sandow, Fandango, Hollywood Hogan

  • John Cena Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69
  • ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69
  • Ric Flair Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69

L-R: John Cena, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Ric Flair Outfit

  • The Rock Outfit (Male and Female): $3.99/£2.69
  • Undertaker Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69
  • Dolph Ziggler ‘Stealing the Show’ Outfit (Male only): $3.99/£2.69

L-R: The Rock, Undertaker, Dolph Ziggler

  • 30 Years of WrestleMania Tee (Male and Female): $1.00/£0.65
  • Kane Mask (Male and Female): $1.99/£1.29
  • Undertaker Entrance (Male and Female): $2.99/£1.99
  • WWE Championship Title (Male and Female): $2.99/£1.99

You can download WWE 2K14 Avatar items from Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB).

Also available from Xbox Live for WWE 2K14 is the ‘Accelerator’ DLC, which unlocks all the wrestlers and arenas, and also the game’s Season Pass – you can find full details here.


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