State of Decay Breakdown DLC details – add-on has ‘no final level’

XBLA’s zombie survival add-on coming soon, is going to get ridiculously hard

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State of Decay developer Undead Labs has offered more details on its upcoming Breakdown DLC, which is a super-hard mode that increases zombie numbers while reducing resources. Responding to questions in a forum Q&A, the developer revealed, amongst other things, that Breakdown will be endless, new Achievements will all be obtainable by Level 6, and that while no new zombies will feature, the existing ones will appear more frequently and will be more deadly than before.

Here’s an abridged version of the Q&A, for the full list of questions and answers, head to the Undead Labs forums:

Will players be able to skip the beginning stage and jump into a more difficult start?

Once you unlock a level, you can start subsequent playthroughs at that level. So if you unlock up to Four, you can start new Breakdown games at levels One, Two, Three, or Four.

How long does it take to get the RV and move on to a new level?

You can move on as soon as you’ve repaired and loaded up the RV. Repairing is what takes the most time — the deeper you get into the game, the more problems the RV has, and the more time it takes to get it ready to go. The specific amount of time changes on a case-by-case basis, but we’re trying to keep the worst-case scenario under an hour.

The other tricky bit is finding it — the RV is not in the same place every time. However, if you go for a while without tracking it down (again, under an hour), we pop up a mission to let you know where to go.

How many survivors can get into the RV?

Six, including the character you control. The idea here is to focus the game on a cadre of core survivors, and challenge you to make the hard decisions about who comes along, and who doesn’t.

How many levels are there in the game?

Breakdown is an endless mode — that number will continue to go up until we run out of room for digits in the UI. And even then, the game doesn’t end. There is no “final” level.

Will there be new zombie types in Breakdown?

Nope. But the ones you know will become nastier as time goes on, showing up more frequently, and attacking more savagely.

Can you go into more detail about the zombie difficulty? Will zeds become damage sponges? Multiple headshots to kill?

We’re avoiding making the zombies into damage sponges. They may become slightly more resilient over time, but the effect will be subtle, and you will always be able to crit them and headshot them. The bulk of our difficulty work is focused on making the zombies more aggressive and damaging, and making you more vulnerable, not making you feel less effective. It has to stay fun, after all.

Will there be achievements associated with difficulty levels too?

Yes. The Achievements are all tied to the Hero Challenges. Since the Hero Challenges all have prerequisite difficulty levels, that means the Achievements do, too. But none of them require you to play at the highest difficulty levels. That’s for crazy ninja players only. Getting to level six is enough to be able to earn all the Achievements.

With regards to how players might tackle Breakdown, the developer has this to say:

You can spend as much time as you want on each level. Since the cool Heroes unlock according to your accomplishments, like a certain number of dead zombies, you may prefer to try and rack up the kills while the game is still relatively easy. Or you can scamper through the levels until it feels good to you, and then just settle in to see how long you can last. Or you can try to see how MANY levels you can live through. Remember, in the original game, we stacked things so you could at least finish the story no matter how bad off your community was. In Breakdown, there are no safeguards.

Undead Labs is aiming for the Breakdown DLC to be released by the end of October, price is still TBC.


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