Need for Speed Rivals DLC: Loaded Garage Pack out now – cars, liveries

Pre-order DLC now available to download as part of all-in-one bundle pack

Matt Cundy

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Need for Speed Rivals players that missed out on the game’s various bonus pre-order DLC can access the additional content thanks to the Loaded Garage Pack, which is available to download now from Xbox Live, priced $4.99/£3.79/€4.99. The Loaded Garage Pack isn’t currently available from the PlayStation Store, but it should be added when the service updates today, 10 December, in the US, and tomorrow in Europe.

Loaded Garage Pack description:

Complete your vehicle collection with the Loaded Garage Pack, and gain access to all the cars and liveries previously only available with pre-orders of Need for Speed Rivals. Included in this purchase are the Ultimate Cop Pack, Ultimate Racer Pack, Premium Livery Pack, Classic Muscle Livery, Track Day Livery, VIP Matte Kit Livery and Digital Revolution Livery.

The Ultimate Cop Pack included with the bundle contains the following content:

  • Exclusive access to the Nissan GT-R Black Edition
  • Early access to level 2 cop gadget technology
  • Exclusive cop liveries

The Ultimate Racer Pack included with the bundle contains the following content:

  • SRT Viper TA Racer
  • Additional SpeedPoints
  • A custom “Colourful Dream” livery for the SRT Viper TA

The Need for Speed Rivals Loaded Garage Pack is available to download now from Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB). As soon as it’s available, the DLC will also be downloadable from PS Store (PS3, US), PS Store (PS4, US), PS Store (PS3, GB), and PS Store (PS4, GB).


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