Minecraft XBLA: Skyrim Mash-Up Pack DLC out today – trailer, prices

Block building Xbox Edition gets Elder Scrolls-themed textures, skins, soundtrack

Matt Cundy

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The second game-themed texture add-on arrives for Minecraft: Xbox Edition today, 20 November, with the release of the Skyrim Mash-Up Pack on Xbox Live. The pack gives players the chance to build their very own blocky fantasy land, providing Skyrim textures, skins, and even a 20 song strong track-list from the Elder Scrolls RPG. The Skyrim Mash-Up Pack is priced $3.99/£2.69/€3.79, although a free trial version will also be available, so you’ll be able to sample before you buy.

Skyrim Mash-Up Pack trailer:

Skyrim Mash-Up Pack features:

  • 40 character skins
  • Themed texture set
  • Themed menus and user interface
  • Craftable items
  • More than 20 songs from the Skyrim soundtrack
  • Pre-made world save, includes areas of Whiterun, Riverwood, and Bleak Falls Barrow

As soon as it becomes available you’ll be able to download the Skyrim Mash-Up Pack from Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB).

For information on other available DLC for the game, including the previously released Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack, be sure to check our Minecraft: Xbox Edition index page.


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