Minecraft XBLA Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 2 DLC revealed – images

New warrior and animal-themed looks, includes barbarians, badgers, and loads more

Matt Cundy

Grin and bear it

A second Battle and Beasts Skin Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has been revealed, and includes plenty of warrior and animal-themed characters to choose from. You can see the collection in the screenshot gallery below (images via PlayXBLA). Our personal faves are the Conan-esque barbarians, the kilt-wearing Scottish warriors, and then nearly all of the animal ones, but especially the badger, the fox, the star-nosed mole, the dolphin, the narwhal, the sloth, the red panda, and the panda. We like animals.

Have a looky:

No release date or price for the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 2 yet, although we expect it’ll cost the same as the original Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, so £1.37/€1.92/$2.00.

Earlier this week, the latest title update (TU13) for Minecraft XBLA was released, as well as the super smooth Plastic Texture Pack – details and screenshots here.


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