Metro: Last Light DLC ʻRanger Modeʼ out now on Xbox Live and PSN

Pre-order DLC for post-Apocalypse shooter now available to download

Matt Cundy

Ranger danger

The pre-order incentive Ranger Mode DLC for the recently released post-Apocalypse subway shooter Metro: Last Light is now available to purchase from Xbox Live and PSN (currently US only), priced 400MSP (£3.43/€4.80/$5.00), and $4.99 respectively.

You can download Ranger Mode from Xbox live here, or from the PlayStation Store (US only) here.

Ranger Mode is designed to give the player a tougher, more ‘hardcore’ experience. Here’s the official Ranger Mode description:

Become completely immersed in the world of Metro. The new Ranger Mode will challenge you by turning off the HUD and crosshair, making less ammunition available, and offering more difficult combat. With the purchase of the Ranger Mode you will also receive additional Military Grade Bullets which serve not only as the currency of Metro, but also as deadly ammunition. Also included is the AKSU, a compact but deadly Russian assault rifle, perfect for claustrophobic combat

In addition to this add-on, it’s also worth noting that the full game is available to download from the PlayStation Store, priced £47.99/$59.99 (PS Plus £38.99/$47.99).

Before the release of Metro: Last Light it was rumoured developer 4A Games had at least five separate story add-ons planned. However, at the time of writing there’s been no official confirmation of any future Metro: Last Light DLC.

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