Gears of War: Judgment Dreadnought DLC is early, out now on Xbox Live

New Overrun map lands a day early

Nathan Irvine

Sneak attack

The Dreadnought DLC map for Gears of War: Judgment was scheduled for tomorrow, May 15th, but is out now on Xbox Live. The free (for a limited time only) content, which has been brought to you in partnership with men’s magazine, Maxim, adds a new OverRun multiplayer area set aboard a creepy war ship. This creepy war ship…

As you might’ve worked out already, this is the second piece of free content for Gears of War: Judgment following the Haven pack released earlier this year. But if you’d rather pay for some more substantial Judgment DLC then check out our Call to Arms review before you drop your cash.

Have a sneak-peek at the new map…


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