Defiance DLC: Arkbreaker Pack out now on Xbox Live – prices, details

Second add-on brings new weapons and arkfalls, PS3 release date for non-Season Pass holders TBC

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The Arkbreaker Pack DLC for Defiance is scheduled to launch today, 10 December, and is available to download now from Xbox Live, priced $9.99/£7.99/€9.99. Season Pass holders can access the new content for no extra cost. The Arkbreaker Pack will also be available for PS3 from today, but only for Season Pass holders.

The release date of the expansion on PS3 via the PlayStation Store for non-Season Pass holders is still to-be-confirmed at the time of writing. However, when the new DLC is released on the PS Store, anyone that purchases the content will also get a complimentary Tier 3 Lockbox courtesy of developer Trion Worlds.

Arkbreaker Pack description:

Call the ark, ‘Breaker. Some wait for fame and fortune to fall from the sky. Others – called Arkbreakers – make their own destiny, pulling ships out of orbit to harvest the treasures inside. Get the Defiance Arkbreaker DLC to explore and fight your way through arks YOU bring to Earth and join thousands of players in new mission lines with Volge Weaponry and more!

Arkbreaker DLC Exclusives

  • New Storyline: Race against Dark Matter to secure an ark-brain interface with the power to call down arkfalls. In the wrong hands, it could be used against ark hunters across the New Frontier. In your hands, it will yield incredible new technologies from arkfalls you bring to Earth.
  • Summon Arkfalls: Call down all-new arkfalls and battle your way inside. Explore interior environments holding new and advanced weapons (and Volge enemies ready to defend them!).
  • Wield new weapons: Discover cold fire sniper rifles, pistols, and assault rifles in player-summoned arkfalls, plus 20 new advanced-tech weapons that put a spin on your current favorites.
  • Battle the Warmaster: The world-conquering Volge Warmaster is serious business – for 20 players – for 7 minutes. After that, this final boss of our new major arkfall will teleport back to the Volge. Defeat the Warmaster before he vanishes to earn some of the best loot in Defiance!
  • Volge outfit and more: Everyone who gets the Arkbreaker DLC pack also receives the Volge Engineer outfit and increased daily and weekly log in bonuses.

Additional Features (free for all players when Arkbreaker goes live)

  • Co-op Evolved: Team up to play through all of the missions in Defiance and dive into co-op versions of single-player instances! 
  • Spikes: Grant ammo, increased damage, and shield power to allies with hi-tech ground Spikes. Once planted, Spikes radiate benefits to nearby players for a set duration or until destroyed.
  • Stims: Get juiced with special hypospray Stims that provide healing, speed and strength boosts, or an EGO power refresh. Like double Overcharge? Inject away!
  • Favorite items: Mark items as favorites to have them jump to the top of your inventory, and sell or break down all non-favorite items at the press of a button.
  • And more: We’re rolling out daily and weekly log in rewards plus Contract revamps, continued combat refinements, and more. Stay tuned to the Community blog for the latest DLC and Defiance info.

The Arkbreaker Pack is available to download now from Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB). As soon as it becomes available to purchase for PS3 it’ll also be downloadable from PS Store (US), and PS Store (GB).

For information on other DLC available for the game, including the previously released Castithian Charge Pack, check out our Defiance index page.


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