Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate DLC: Free Kasumi Booth Babe costume out now

Series mascot gets gratis Tokyo Game Show outfit, available to download from Xbox Live

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Update: Tecmo Koei has tweeted to say the GungHo Booth Babe Costume will be available until 11 February, and that the DLC is also being released for PS3. As soon as it’s available we’ll update this article with PlayStation Store download links.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate players on Xbox 360 can download a new and completely free outfit for series mascot, Kasumi – the GungHo Booth Babe Costume is available now from Xbox Live.

GungHo Booth Babe Costume description:

Gamers unite! Kasumi sports an eye-catching GungHo “booth babe” getup straight from Tokyo Game Show 2013. Please install the latest title update (ver. 1.03 or higher) in order to use this content.

The GungHo Booth Babe Costume DLC is available to download from Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB).

If you think the uniform – which you can see above – looks familiar it’s probably because it was previously released for PS3 as the Ragnarok Odyssey ACE costume. We never expected the DLC to be released for the Xbox version of the game as Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is PS3/Vita exclusive – presumably this explains why the costume has been renamed. The Ragnarok Odyssey ACE costume is no longer available from the PlayStation Store.

For more DLC news and download info for the game, including the recent tease of a new character coming later this year, check the related posts on this article, or refer to our extensive Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate index page.


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