Ascend: Hand of Kul new content coming – more quests, Co-Op, and PvP

XBLA free-to-play RPG hits one million players, developer outlines future updates

Matt Cundy

Oh my God

Ascend: Hand of Kul developer Signal Studios has offered a brief outline on some of the content that will be added to its recently released free-to-play XBLA RPG in future updates. A post on the game’s official site reads as follows:

We have some great content lined up for you and are super excited to be releasing it over the next few months! There’s going to be new gear, live events, the endless dungeon, an ever-changing room, special holiday-themed content and lots of tweaks based on your feedback. And all that is just the little stuff to hold everyone over until we release the new Badlands quests, PVP, and Co-Op that you are all waiting for.

The work-in-progress gameplay additions are actually already flagged in-game, inside the Sanctum, with a series of locked doors each labelled with a different piece of ‘Coming Soon’ content.

In addition to teasing the upcoming features, the developer also reports the game has reached the impressive milestone of one million players. If you’re not one of those million, don’t forget that Ascend: Hand of Kul is free-to-play and is available to download now from Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB).


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