GTA V DLC: Clues point towards alien invasion content

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GTA: Aliens

Way back when we first played through GTA V, many moons ago, we jotted the words ‘alien invasion DLC’ on a coffee stained notepad. The trigger point for this was a mission called Grass Roots. It involves Michael puffing on some marijuana that he’s given by one of the Strangers & Freaks, Barry – the campaigner fighting to legalize pot in Los Santos.

After a cheeky inhale, ol’ Michael starts to hallucinate that he’s being attacked by aliens. They arrive in waves and he has to fend them off with a a minigun. This reminds us of Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC, except instead of zombies you off some extraterrestrials. Cue: pen to paper and making a note of this as potential future DLC.

Since then, the evidence has begun to build across the interwebs and we’re now ready to throw our tinfoil hat on the idea that GTA V looks likely to receive a space invader themed expansion in 2014. We pull together all the evidence and draft in GTA 5 o’clock host/creator and GTA super-sleuth, Dan Dawkins, for his measured opinions along the way too.

Sure, we’re likely to see fresh story-driven DLC that covers new heists in GTA V first, but at some point in the future we envision an invader threat.

Check out the second page for what we expect the alien DLC to be like on page 2, erm, too. Oh, and it should go without saying, but beware the spoilers. Enjoy.

Hints all over the place

Triple threat

Throughout Southern San Andreas you’ll find hints about aliens dotted about the place. There are vivid visions that involve Michael laying waste to a pack of invaders, there are even flying saucers that appear upon 100% completion of the game and an alien Easter egg frozen in the prologue.

GTA 5 o’Clock creator, Dan Dawkins says this…

“You can’t guarantee alien-themed DLC, but there are precedents. Most notably: 1) The critically and commercially successful, if even more tonally jarring, Undead Nightmare zombie DLC for Red Dead Redemption (more on this soon) and 2) The huge volume of UFO content within GTA5, including the offbeat, ciggy-puffing oddity of the alien-blasting side missions, the alien under the ice in North Yankton, to the three hidden UFOs visible once you’ve 100% completed GTA5.

Most notable are the cryptic blueprints scrawled on the wall of the cable car station at the top of Mount Chiliad. Here’s what Dan has to say on these mysterious markings…

“The game’s biggest conspiracy of all – though it’s yet to be cracked in the manner people hoped, despite the net’s best efforts – is the mural on top of Mount Chiliad in the elevator cabin. It depicts a line drawing with three boxes, believed to be prizes: a UFO, an egg and what looks like a stick man on a jetpack.

It’s the jetpack hunt that’s driving net sleuths crazy and either we haven’t cracked it yet, or Rockstar have sent us the mother of all Macguffins. We all expect the jetpack to exist, due to the precedent from San Andreas, but perhaps it’s all a rouse – the journey to find it being the destination, and other such cosmic nonsense”.

There are also alien themed side missions and a sunken UFO out in the Pacific Ocean too. Rockstar Games has laid the hints on thick and fast throughout Los Santos and beyond.

Because zombies are soooooo 2010

Like this, but with more cars, aliens and lasers

Take a look at most of the GTA V posts on Rockstar’s Newswire and it won’t be long before you stumble across a request for ‘zombie DLC’. But Rockstar Games has covered this in Red Dead Redemption and any repeat – no matter how great the idea is – could be seen as a lack of imagination.

Yes, Saints Row IV and even Call of Duty: Ghosts include outer space enemies, but R* will look to best them with their own take. They don’t follow, they set the trends – that’s just how they roll. A full invasion that transforms GTA V’s sandbox in the same way Undead Nightmare buffed up Red Dead Redemption is why aliens make sense.

Character models consistent, detailed

Model subjects

Check that toothy looking chap out above. This is the scene from Did Somebody Say Yoga? where Michael is duped into slurping a drink laced with hallucinogenics by his own son. He ‘wakes’ to find himself surrounded by angry chimps before being beamed up into a UFO with a bunch of green men.

But E.T’s cousins return numerous times in GTA V, which suggests that Rockstar are attempting to hammer home that these intricately designed characters will be part of something much bigger.

As well as the one seen frozen under the ice in the Prologue, and those guys above, there are even some seen to dive out of the way of Franklin and Lamar’s stolen cars in the former’s first mission. Observe:

Dress rehearsal?

Yes, they’re most likely costumes for the Los Santos 2020 film that features aliens, but they’re consistent with the rest of the hints throughout GTA V.


You’ve read about the evidence, now check out how we think any potential alien DLC will alter GTA V’s gameplay…


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