DC Universe Online free to download for PS4, DLC also available – full list

Details and prices on all PlayStation Store content for heroes and villains MMO

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DC Universe Online is a free-to-play MMO and it’s available to download now for PS4 on both the US and European PlayStation Stores. In addition to the game, all previously released DLC for the PS3 version – eight expansions in total – is now available to purchase for PS4.

So, if you’re a PS4 early adopter, here’s a complete list of all DC Universe Online content currently available on the PlayStation Store (Note: all content on this list is also available for PS3):

DC Universe Online, $FREE: DC Universe Online is Free-to-Play! Join thousands of other players in a massive online action game set in the popular DC Comics universe. Create and customize your own powerful Hero or Villain and experience true action combat as you fight alongside and against legendary characters such as Batman, Superman, The Joker and Lex Luthor.

Ultimate Edition, $29.99 (Not currently available for PS4 in Europe): Jump in to DC Universe Online with everything you need to get started on your Heroic or Villainous adventures! Purchase includes the full game, four DLC Packs that include additional super powers, weapons and high level missions ($40 USD value!), and two Legends PvP characters – Future Batman and Future Harley Quinn! Total value of $50 USD.

Origin Pack, $4.99/£3.99: Begin your Heroic or Villainous origin in DC Universe Online with an amazing deal! Purchase includes the full game, DLC 1 – Fight for the Light (includes the Lantern-inspired Light Powers), and Legends PvP character Future Batman. Total value of $15 USD!

Marketplace Cash, $Various: Use Marketplace Cash in the DC Universe Online in-game Marketplace to unlock amazing enhancements to your game! Marketplace Cash may only be used in the DC Universe Online Marketplace and cannot be used to purchase DLC add-on packs, bundles or membership from the PlayStation Store.

  • 500 Marketplace Cash, $4.99/£3.99
  • 1,000 Marketplace Cash, $9.99/£7.99
  • 2,000 Marketplace Cash, $19.99/£15.99
  • 5,000 Marketplace Cash, $44.99/£36.99
  • 10,000 Marketplace Cash, $84.99/£63.99

Fight for the Light (DLC 1), $9.99/£7.99: Battle with the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps and unlock devastating Light Powers in Fight For The Light, the first DLC for DC Universe Online. Battle through three new Lantern-themed multiplayer missions in S.T.A.R. Labs, Ferris Aircraft and the Oan Sciencells Prison. Encounter powerful light-wielders such as Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Atrocitus, Kyle Rayner, and more, and earn amazing new Lantern-themed gear. Get this, and three more DLC packs for an amazing low price in the Ultimate Edition bundle!

Lightning Strikes (DLC 2), $9.99/£7.99: Lightning Strikes offers new battles, new maps and a new Healer power set – Electricity! Battle through high-level open world solo and group missions in the new shared Central City map, Explore the origin of The Flash and take on his Rogues in the Flashback Duo, and earn new Flash-inspired gear sets for Heroes and Villains. Get this, and three more DLC packs for an amazing low price in the Ultimate Edition bundle!

The Battle for Earth (DLC 3), $9.99/£7.99: Buy The Battle For Earth DLC Pack now to get devastating new Earth Powers, battle with friends in legendary new adventures and earn incredible gear! Earth Powers let you channel the elements into powerful attacks, shield yourself from damage and summon new companions to aid in battle! Fight for the fate of the Universe in new adventures including:

  • Themyscira Raid – Stop Brainiac’s latest deadly plan on Wonder Woman’s home island
  • Final Brainiac Raid – The ultimate battle against Brainiac and his Prime Avatars
  • Gotham Courthouse Alert – Defeat corrupted citizens and infiltrate Brainiac’s command center
  • Three New Duos – Enter Gotham City buildings held within containment bottles to sabotage Brainiac’s plans
  • Gotham City Missions – Corrupted citizens are wreaking havoc in South Gotham. Stop them at all costs!
  • Get this, and three more DLC packs for an amazing low price in the Ultimate Edition bundle!

The Last Laugh (DLC 4), $9.99/£7.99: Buy The Last Laugh DLC Pack now to get access to the new Shield weapon and jump in to new multiplayer battles! Experience new PvP maps and game modes, and fight to earn new gear and styles. Join Legends PvP with seven new iconic DC Comics characters! Get this, and three more DLC packs for an amazing low price in the Ultimate Edition bundle! Purchase of this DLC pack requires an active game account.

Hand of Fate (DLC 5), $9.99/£7.99: Buy the Hand of Fate DLC Pack now to battle in new team-focused adventures and utilize the new Utility Belt Attachments! Group with allies and fight through story driven new Operations all across the sprawling cityscapes of Gotham City and Metropolis. Take on numerous new side missions, earn two Magical new Legends PvP characters and destroy enemies to earn powerful new Runic armor and weapons. Requires a minimum Combat Rating of 70.

Home Turf (DLC 6), $9.99/£7.99: Buy Home Turf now and give your character their own Base! Plot adventures in your own customizable, themed Lair featuring useful amenities and hundreds of decorative items available in-game. Use the Lair’s new Mainframe to employ powerful combat tactics such as Orbital Strikes, Sidekicks and Supply Drops. Take the fight to your enemies in new Lair PvP Battles, fight through new high level encounters in Ace Chemicals, Arkham Asylum, Steelworks and Stryker’s Island, and more!

Origin Crisis (DLC 7), $9.99/£7.99: Buy Origin Crisis now to experience epic, new multiplayer adventures and acquire the new Quantum Power! The origins of powerful Heroes are at stake! Wage war through time and alternate realities with Future Batman or Future Lex Luthor across two Raids, two Hero Operations, two Villain Operations and the new solo Iconic Anomaly Challenges. Devastate enemies and manipulate time and space with the new controller Power, Quantum! Origin Crisis also features new tiers of PvE and PvP Gear, new Iconic-inspired Gear and new Feats, Collections and Trophies.

Sons of Trigon (DLC 8), $9.99/£7.99: Buy Sons of Trigon now and challenge the ultimate demonic force! Devastate enemies or heal allies with the new Celestial Power as you explore the hellish nightmare of Trigon’s Gotham City. Battle through three new Duos, a new Alert and daily solo missions. Wreak havoc in Legends PvP with new characters Donna Troy and Cheetah, gear up with new iconic-inspired suits, and more!

DC Universe Online and its DLC is available to download now for PS4 from the PlayStation Store (US), and PlayStation Store (GB). The PS3 version game and DLC can be download here: PS Store (US), PS Store (GB).


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