Watch Dogs DLC: Exclusive PlayStation content revealed, trailer

Extra content on PS3 and PS4 revealed

Nathan Irvine


Ubisoft has revealed more details regarding the PlayStation exclusive content for the upcoming hack ‘em-up, Watch Dogs. The DLC coming to PS3 and PS4 includes 60 minutes worth of new missions, a new outfit and a hacking boost perk for lead man, Aiden Pearce.

Here’s rather good trailer that shows it all in action…

To be specific, the exclusive DLC consists of the following:

  • Four extra missions that consist of at least 60 minutes of gameplay
  • The White Hat hacker outfit (see above)
  • Hacking Boost called Superior Capacity, which allows for one extra battery slot. We assume this is for all the hacking

Players of the content will also apparently get a deeper understanding of the shady DedSec organisation too. So if you’re playing it on Xbox then you might want to ask a friend with a PlayStation to fill you in on what they’re all about. Or something.

Watch Dogs is out May 25th on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and quite possibly, Wii U.


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