The Last of Us Nightmare Bundle DLC brings new multiplayer items – images

Masks and helmets coming soon to PlayStation Store, free for Season Pass holders

Matt Cundy

Mask of us

Another selection of The Last of Us multiplayer DLC has been revealed by developer Naughty Dog, with nine new masks and helmets being released in the PlayStation Store when the service updates 5 November in the US, and 6 November in Europe.

Season Pass holders will be able to grab the items for no extra charge, while non-Season Pass holders will be able to purchase them individually or as part of a Nightmare Bundle. Prices are still TBC at the time of writing. One of the masks – the Nightmare Mask – is only available to Season Pass holders, or for anyone who purchases the Nightmare Bundle.

Check the screenshot gallery below for images of the Nightmare head items:

As soon as it becomes available, the Nightmare head item DLC will be downloadable from PS Store (US), and PS Store (GB).

The Nightmare multiplayer head items join the recently released selection of country flag caps on the PlayStation Store, which are also free for Season Pass holders, or available to purchase individually for $0.99/£0.79/€0.99. You can find images of all the country flag caps here.


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