Tales of Xillia DLC out now, includes XP, new costumes, FREE money

PS3 exclusive JRPG add-on content available to download from PlayStation Store

Matt Cundy

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The recently released PS3 exclusive JRPG, Tales of Xillia, has received its first delivery of DLC to the PlayStation Store. There’s a selection of extra ‘Gald’ (i.e. money), costumes, XP, and items on offer for a variety of prices, although some of it will cost you nothing because it’s completely FREE. And we all like stuff that we can get without having to relinquish any money. Here’s a list of all the DLC currently available:

  • 300,000 Gald (x2 available), $4.49/£3.19: Cha-ching! Acquire 300,000 gald, instantly
  • Adventurer’s Nest Egg, FREE: Begin your adventure with 1,000 gald of pocket money. No reason for a hero to scrimp and save
  • Alvin’s Steward Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Alvin is ready for any formal occasion with his Steward costume and matching hairstyle
  • Alvin’s Swimwear Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Bare it all with Alvin’s Swimwear costume! It also comes with matching hairstyle and fashionable diving watch
  • Color Variation Set, FREE: Spice up your gaming experience with an alternate color palette for each main character
  • Elize’s Maid Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Elize is looking prim and proper with her Maid costume, hairstyle, and hat
  • Elize’s Swimwear Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Have a swim with Elize’s Swimwear costume! It also comes with matching hairstyle, floatie, and Mieu doll
  • Jude’s Steward Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Jude is ready to serve in his Steward costume and proper hairstyle
  • Jude’s Swimwear Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Get ready for the beach with Jude’s Swimwear costume! It also comes with matching hairstyle and accessories
  • Leia’s Maid Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Leia looks the part with her Maid costume, refined hairstyle, and headdress
  • Leia’s Swimwear Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Nothing like a healthy tan with Leia’s Swimwear costume. It also comes with matching hairstyle and sports cap
  • Milla’s Maid Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Milla is changing up her look with her Maid costume and twin hair buns
  • Milla’s Swimwear Costume, $2.99/£2.39: It’s time to show it off with Milla’s Swimwear costume! It also comes with matching hairstyle and hat
  • Rowen’s Butler Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Rowen truly plays the part in his Butler costume and matching hairstyle
  • Rowen’s Swimwear Costume, $2.99/£2.39: Rowen’s Swimwear costume is perfect for a nice stroll on the beach. It also comes with matching hairstyle and diving helmet
  • Level Up +10, $4.49/£3.19: All members gain 10 levels (max level is 99)
  • Level Up +5 (x2 available), $2.99/£2.39: All members gain 5 levels (max level is 99)
  • Sample Material Set, FREE: Get a head start in your material collection with a sample of every type of material in the game. Why start with zero when you can get something for free

You can download Tales of Xillia DLC from PlayStation Store (US), and PlayStation Store (GB).


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