Saints Row IV DLC unlocks cheats to make players unbeatable

Executive Privilege Pack includes Infinite Ammo, Never Die, is out now for PS3 and Xbox 360

Matt Cundy

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The Saints Row IV ‘Executive Privilege Pack’ DLC is available to download now from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live, priced $2.99 and 160MSP ($2.00) respectively. At present the DLC isn’t available in Europe, where Saints Row IV launches today, 23 August, so expect the Executive Privilege Pack to appear as part of next week’s PSN and XBL updates in Europe.

Like the Invincible Pack released for Saints Row: The Third, the Executive Privilege Pack unlocks a selection of game-defeating cheats, which effectively makes the player unbeatable. Here are the featured cheats (thanks to the Saints Row Mods forums for posting):

  • Car Mass Hole (your vehicle doesn’t take damage)
  • 100% Superpower Strength
  • Superpower Upgrades Unlock
  • Never Die
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Clip

And here’s the official, and completely vague, description of the DLC:

You’ve never let anyone else tell you what to do so why let us get away with it? The Executive Privilege Pack does away with checks and balances and gives you the power to make the world of Saints Row IV your own. Cheat your way to a hollow victory today!

You can download the Executive Privilege Pack from PS Store (US), and Xbox Live (US). We’ll update this article when the DLC becomes available in Europe.


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