Poker Night 2 rewards include special Borderlands 2 unlocks – trailer

Developer Telltale Games comes up trumps with a decent kitty of winnable items

Matt Cundy

Poker, man

Poker Night 2 from developer Telltale Games is shaping up to be a beautiful celebration of the titular card game shuffled with the exciting world of video games. It’s coming soon to XBLA and PSN and features the likes of Aperture Science’s bitchy AI GLaDOS, and hat-wearing anthropomorphic detective dog Sam sitting at its table. In addition, Poker Nights 2 will feature some special rewards to tempt your inner gambler. This trailer explains all:

We were sold on Poker Night 2 even before the rewards were added to the kitty – but now there’s a chance to win stuff for use outside of the game we have adopted our most professional poker face and will not be changing expressions until we have won everything.

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