Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – images of new DLC costumes

Latest character add-on finery includes fairly adorable Moogle ensemble

Matt Cundy

Clothes encounter

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII isn’t scheduled to launch in the West until February 2014, but we thought anyone following the game would be interested to see a selection of DLC costumes which have recently been released for the game in Japan. In particular, a fairly adorable Moogle outfit. This Moogle outfit, in fact:

In addition to the Moogle ensemble, two other costume packs have also been released – the Holy Asgard and Ultimate Liberator sets. You can see images of the new attire in the gallery at the bottom of the page, and this video shows them in action on the battlefield:

If you’re liking the look of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you might be interested to know pre-orders for the game, which is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, are rewarded with a special ‘Bonus Pack’. Among other things, the pack includes Cloud Strife’s Soldier Uniform as DLC. Full details on the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Pre-Order Bonus Pack here.

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