GTA V DLC: How to unlock your Collector’s Edition Pack digital content

And how to access the Atomic Blimp, Stunt Plane Trials, extra weapons and vehicles

Matt Cundy

Codes of misconduct

If you treated yourself to the premium GTA V Collector’s Edition then you’ll have a code inside the box that unlocks a selection of digital content. This is what you need to do to access the content (we’ve only got the PS3 version, but ignore any Sony-specific terms and we imagine the process will be exactly the same for Xbox 360):

Select ‘PlayStation Store’ from the GTA V pause menu. Press Triangle to ‘Redeem Code’, and then enter the code that came with the Collector’s Edition. Follow the on-screen instructions and download the Collector’s Edition Pack. Once the download is complete, exit back to the game and you should see a ‘Collector’s Edition content added’ message pop up. And that’s it – the extra content has been added to the game.

Next, you’re going to want to access the new content. Here’s a list of the Collector’s Edition Pack content and how you can find it:

  • Stunt Plane Trials: Pause the game and refer to the map. Stunt Plane Trials has been added as a location
  • Special Ability Boost: Automatically applied, causes the special ability boost bar to replenish 25% faster
  • Additional weapons: Automatically stocked at Ammunation stores. Three new weapons available for free – a Bullpup Shotgun, Pistol .50, and a Hammer melee weapon
  • Bonus outfits: Automatically added to the wardrobes of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin
  • Bonus tattoos: Automatically added to tattoo parlors, although if you haven’t played Trevor’s first mission the tattoo parlors won’t be available on the map
  • Special deals from shopkeepers: Automatically applied to various retail outlets. Listen to shopkeepers and you’ll hear them say that you’ll be given a discount on prices
  • Atomic Blimp: Automatically added to the cell phone as a contact. Press ‘up’ on the d-pad, select ‘Contacts’, and then choose ‘Blimp’. Once called, a blimp will be delivered to the nearest available drop-off location – check the map to find it
  • Garage property and vehicles: Each character has a different garage. For Franklin it’s ‘Grove Street Garage’, Michael’s is ‘Vinewood Garage’, and Trevor has ‘Pillbox Hill Garage’. Head to the relevant garage, go inside, and press ‘right’ on the d-pad to bring up a ‘Special Vehicle’ menu. You’ll find the Hotknife hotrod and the Carbon RS sports bike available for selection

As for the bonus GTA Online content included with the Collector’s Edition, it will become available at the launch of GTA Online, which is currently scheduled for 1 October. We’ve got more GTA Online details here.


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