Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC: New base themes, Japanese voice mode, weapons

New content on PS Store and Xbox Live, includes over 70 weird and wonderful weapon variants

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Dynasty Warriors 8 has received a healthy supply of new DLC, with three weapon packs, a weapon pack bundle, and two base themes available to download now for PS3 and Xbox 360. In addition, the PlayStation Store also has a Japanese voice option add-on, which is available to download for free.

Here’s a complete list of the new DLC:

  • Base Theme 1, $1.99/£1.29: A new camp theme, ”Amusement Park”, will be added, which can be selected under ”Set Camp Theme” in Ambition Mode. The Tongquetai will become a huge castle and ferris wheel, while the other facilities will take on the appearance of restaurants, circus tents and the like. A new music track will also help set the mood!
  • Base Theme 2, $1.99/£1.29: A new Camp Theme, ”Military,” will be available to select under SET CAMP THEME in Ambition Mode. The Tongquetai will be converted to a giant fortress, while warships, tanks and helicopters will also be found throughout the camp. The various facilities will also take on new appearances, such as shooting ranges and observation towers. Additionally, new music tracks will become available to further enhance the theme.
  • Japanese Voice Option, FREE (PS3 only): Play DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 with voices in the original Japanese.
  • New Weapon Pack 1, $1.99/£1.29: New versions of the following 26 weapon types will be available: Horsehair Whip, Flail, Dragon Spear, Double Pike, Great Axe, Twin Rods, Extension Blade, Dagger-axe, Double-edge Trident, Flying Swords, Crossbow, Dual-headed Mace, Javelin, Podao, Wheels, Nine Rings Blade, Crescent Blade, Twin Swords, Dual Blade, Shadow Fan, Iron Fan, Gloves, Chain & Sickle, Sword & Shield, Short Pike, Throwing Axes. (New Stages: Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 1, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 2, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 3, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 4)
  • New Weapon Pack 2, $1.99/£1.29: New versions of the following 26 weapon types will be available: Swallow Swords, Chain Whip, Spiked Shield, Arm Blade, Sword, Great Sword, Flute, Striking Sword, Siege Spear, Boomerang, Spinner, Sword & Hook, Flail Sword, Axe, War Fan, Club, Pike, Tonfa, Spear, Bomb, Harp, Throwing Knives, Brush, Nunchaku, Mace, Talisman Cards (New Stages: Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 5, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 6, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 7, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 8)
  • New Weapon Pack 3, $1.99/£1.29: New versions of the following 25 weapon types will be available: Twin Axes, Staff, Bow & Rod, Curved Sword, Bow, Shaman Rod, Lightning Sword, Short Rods, Circle Blade, Trishula, Dual Hookblades, Rake, Wired Gloves, General’s Sword, Halberd, Claws, Three Sectional Staff, Double Voulge, Pugil Stick, Lance, Arm Cannon, Rapier, Orb & Scepter, Wheeled Halberd, Wingblades (New Stages: Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 9, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 10, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 11, Unique Weapon Acquisition Battle 12)
  • New Weapon Pack Set 1, $4.99/£3.39: Additional stages will be added to Free Mode in which new versions of each weapon type will be available to acquire. New versions of all 77 weapon types from the original game are available for acquisition in this set. The ”Unique Weapon Complete Set” features all of the stages and weapons from the following sets: New Weapon Pack 1, New Weapon Pack 2, New Weapon Pack 3

You can download Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC from PS Store (US), Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB). The new content is scheduled to arrive in Europe tomorrow, 9 October, and will be available to download from PS Store (GB).


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