Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC adds extra battlefield, costumes, and weapons

Prices and details of all the new content, available now from PS Store and Xbox Live

Matt Cundy

Bangers and slash

Some new Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC has been dispatched and is available to download now from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. There’s an additional map, which fans will recognise from Dynasty Warriors 4, as well as some music tracks from Dynasty Warriors 5. New costumes offer a slightly less historically accurate wardrobe selection, while the addition of two new weapons brings some fresh destruction to the battlefield.

Details and prices of the new content as follows:

New Stage & BGM Pack 3, $2.99/£2.39 (PS Store)/£1.99 (Xbox Live): The new battlefield ‘Jiangdong (DLC 3)’ will be added to Free Mode. The battlefield from ‘DW4′ is recreated, featuring three scenarios including ‘The Pacification of Jiangdong’. Furthermore, you can obtain a new animal, White Tiger, in ‘Jiangdong Animal Battle’.

Added scenarios:

  • The Pacification of Jiangdong – Sun Jian’s Forces
  • The Pacification of Jiangdong – Liu Xun’s Forces
  • Jiangdong Animal Battle

The following music tracks from ‘DW5′ will be added that can be selected before battle or in the Sound Test:

  • Yellow Turban Rebellion 
  • Battle of Hulao Gate 
  • Baidi Castle 
  • Nanman 
  • Battle of Changban 
  • Battle of Chibi – Pursuit 
  • Battle of Fan Castle 
  • Encyclopedia 

Original Costume Pack x2, $5.99/£4.79 (PS Store)/£4.09 (Xbox Live): Original costumes for all 18 playable characters from the kingdom of Wei will become available for selection under ‘Change Outfit’. Enjoy new and unique costumes that give a fresh look to every battlefield!

Weapon System Pack 1, $3.99/£3.19 (PS Store)/£2.69 (Xbox Live): The new weapon type ‘Flame Blade’ and ‘Revolving Crossbow’ will be added. Weapons can be acquired in battle, or by visiting the Blacksmith and selecting ‘Obtain DLC’ within Ambition Mode.

  • Flame Blade: Allows you to run into the enemy ranks and unleash a series of powerful Strong Attacks, shrouded in flames. This weapon type can be acquired by selecting the stage ‘Secret Weapon Acquisition Battle – Flame Blade’, which will be added to Free Mode.
  • Revolving Crossbow: Allows you to attack from both close-range and from distance. By rotating the left stick in 1st Strong Attack, a powerful rapid-fire attack will be unleashed. This weapon type can be acquired by selecting the stage ‘Secret Weapon Acquisition Battle – Revolving Crossbow’, which will be added to Free Mode.

You can download Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC, including all the new content, from PlayStation Store (US), PlayStation Store (GB), Xbox Live (US), and Xbox Live (GB).

Check out the screenshot gallery below for a look at some of the new DLC:


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