Titanfall beta: No invite? Don’t panic yet, they’re still being sent out

Xbox One shooter beta starts today, selected players being notified up to 18 February

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Update: Beta codes are now being mailed out, so keep an eye on your inbox – good luck!

The closed beta for Xbox One shooter Titanfall launches today, 14 February, and runs for five days, ending 19 February. Players who registered and have been selected to take part will receive an email with instructions of how to download the beta anytime between today, 14 February, and 11.59pm PST on 17 February. At the time of writing not even the first batch of codes has been deployed. So if you registered, but haven’t received an email, don’t panic – they’re being dispatched, and even if you’re not among the first group of gamers to be given beta access, you might get still get notification over the coming days.

However, developer Respawn Entertainment has stated that places on the beta are limited, so access isn’t guaranteed for everyone.

Titanfall official beta trailer:

Titanfall beta description:

The Titanfall beta will include three game modes – Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing. In Attrition, teams win by eliminating anyone or anything on the opposing side – pilots, titans and AI soldiers. In Hardpoint Domination, teams will capture and hold three hardpoints throughout the map to earn points and secure victory. And in Last Titan Standing, everyone on both teams starts with a titan in a round-based mode that ends when one team has lost all of their titans. There’s no respawning and no replacement titans can be called down.


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