Dead Rising 3 gets Frank West and Chuck Greene outfits as DLC – images

Tribute Pack exclusive content available for Xbox One early adopters

Matt Cundy

Early risers

Microsoft has announced via Xbox Wire that early adopters of Xbox One will be able to access some exclusive content for Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 by either pre-ordering the game, or by downloading the DLC from Xbox Live within two weeks of the console’s launch date, which is currently scheduled for nothing more specific than November.

The ‘Tribute Pack’ gives players the chance to dress Dead Rising 3 protagonist Nick Ramos as the series’ two previous heroes, Frank West and Chuck Greene. Here’s what both the outfits look like:

Classic Frank West outfit: With Frank’s Zombie Slugger weapon, extra gory attacks and a custom skill move. Also includes attribute perks for increased melee damage and tougher survivors

Official Chuck Greene outfit: With Paddle Saw combo weapon that cuts through zombie hordes with increased damage and durability. Also includes attribute perks for vehicle and weapon durability

Dead Rising 3 is one of three Xbox One launch titles that will offer Day One Edition exclusive content to early adopters of Microsoft’s new console, with Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza Motorsport 5 also being given the Day One treatment. We’ll have more details shortly.


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