Dead Rising 3 DLC: Chaos Rising coming out soon, new vehicle revealed

Third story add-on gets release date, expansion includes deadly-looking motorbike

Matt Cundy

Easy, rider

Chaos Rising, the third DLC series add-on for Dead Rising 3, is coming out next week, and will be available to download for Xbox One from 25 February, Microsoft has confirmed. The expansion’s custom vehicle (each episode introduces a new vehicle) has also been revealed, and it’s a deadly-looking motorbike. Check it out:

Chaos Rising story details still haven’t been revealed, but we do know Hunter Thibodeaux (pictured at the top of the page), who appears in the main game as the leader of a biker gang and one of the psychopaths, will star as the DLC’s protagonist.

The two previous episodes, Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel, also feature new playable characters, Adam Kane and Angel respectively, and also introduce new custom vehicles. Chaos Rising is the penultimate DLC episode, with The Last Agent set to conclude the series, although a release date for the final add-on is still TBC at the time of writing.

For more DLC news and download info for the game, including details and trailers for Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel, check the related posts on this page, or refer to our Dead Rising 3 index page.


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